A Triptych of Zines

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Many Hulo

"A Cat Zine About Photos", - মেনি হুলো (Many Hulo).

Seventeen pages of cats. In glorious colour. That’s it. The other zines have a goal. This does not. But that is okay, it has cats. Who does not like cats? 

More than me loving cats, Cats love me. A few in the locality feels emboldened enough to walk into my flat and chill wherever they want as if it is them who are paying the rent. I have more photos of cats in my phone than selfies and that is saying something. These cats are pretty and petty. I am just mere mortal keeping tabs. 

In Queer Love

Queer Emancipation Through Self-Expression

When we think about self-expression, we almost always pivot towards gender expression, but by doing so we often overlook the potential in written texts. In Queer Love was born out of that need to let queer youth express themselves via creative methods. In my childhood I used to be obsessed about periodicals and little magazines, I also watched them lose their traction as the mobile age came in. To me, this was a wake up call  to start something I wanted all along. And after a years worth of collaborative effort, I was finally able to put it all together. I have been publishing and selling itto local people and paying the writers from the profits, many of which earned money with their writing for the first time. 

A Questionable Questionnaire

How many times someone cis finds it totally appropriate to ask insanely invasive questions to a trans woman?

No Prize for guessing. But since I have to table those unfortunate question way too many times, I decided to make a zine about it. If you have any questions, and if you really want answers, buy the zine. You get answers, and I get money for my labour. Win-Win. 

Trying to make readers excited about print again.

Trying to make readers excited about print again.

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